2020 Vision!

You may be in the camp of 'it shouldn’t take a new year to feel newly motivated' but this year I’m really feeling it. Maybe it’s because it’s a new decade but 2020 is putting the fire in my belly.

I’m Tavie and I’m your founder of Mangata London. It’s been a long journey to get here, a rollercoaster of emotions with epic highs, manic lows and a lot of gritting of teeth!

2019 will always be in my memory as one of my best years personally, as it was the year I got married, but for Mangata it was a tough one. Our manufacturer closed down without any warning and this set us back by almost a year, costing more money and months and months of sampling to find the right new manufacturer. I took some gambles that didn’t pay off and that led to a stressful end to 2019.

What has come out of this however is finding an even better manufacturer who we have a great relationship with. I met them at the Sustainable Angle Future Fabrics Expo (a must see) and haven’t looked back since.

This year we’ve got big goals and aspirations to take the business to the next level. I will be launching our crowd funder campaign this summer. I hope to raise £10,000 to implement a strong marketing strategy, to spread the word and educate consumers of the crisis the planet is in. With the money raised we will also introduce a children’s line of swimming shorts. Children are the future and they have to live with the world we leave behind. We want them to be part of our community and be far more aware of their responsibility for the planet than the generations have been before them.

Last month I held a workshop on plastic pollution for years 1, 2 and 5 and was amazed by how savvy and conscious of the environment they are. I feel confident they will make the difference. Where we have stomped through life unaware of the impact on our planet they will grow up with a strong awareness of the situation and the power to make change.

This January we also started the Mangata Medley on my family farm. This will be a large and beautiful collection of different species of trees. So far we have planted an oak tree and two copper beeches. Each tree will absorb one tonne of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches its 40th birthday.

In connection with our Crowdfunder, one of many exciting rewards we will be offering is a tree planted in your honour. You can leave your stamp on the world in something that lives for hundreds of years and acts as the lungs of the earth.

I would love your support so please keep an eye for further updates on our Crowdfunder as well as other exciting developments for 2020!