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7 ideas for more sustainable travel

Is your carbon footprint playing on your conscience right now?

We lead busy lives with limited time off, this doesn’t leave us much time to take a boat instead of a plane. Travel enriches our lives and broadens our horizons, educates and inspires our love for the planet. The result of this being our desire to protect our planet and all it’s different landscapes and cultures. Aside from not travelling long distance entirely there are some mindful ways to travel. Here are our top tips for continuing that wanderlust but travelling more sustainably.

Think outside the box:

Support the locals by staying in family run accommodation, do your research and avoid big business hotels. There are eco boutique hotels and restaurants popping up all over the world and we guarantee you will get a far more enriched experience!

Take the bus, the train, boat or team up with other travellers to travel by car.

Be wary of tourist traps especially when it comes to animals. Avoid supporting industries that might be harmful to wildlife like swimming with dolphins and petting tigers.

Shop local and buy handmade gifts and food from the community, avoid the tourist aimed imported tat.

If you need new clothes for your trip focus on sustainably sourced, ethical brands trying to truly make a difference. You’ll also stand out from the crowd with a more unique wardrobe by supporting smaller brands.

Pack your reusable water bottle! If you’re worried about the tap water you can buy purification tablets to ensure you aren’t buying 5 single use plastic bottles a day to battle that heat whilst trekking.

Buy reef safe sun cream! Did you know that most sun creams contain chemicals that are damaging the reefs? These are a bit more expensive but you can get good deals from places like Green People.

Above all honour the culture and you could even get involved in some local charity work to really give back to the community on your travels.

If on the other hand you want to explore more of our lovely island, here are our 3 favourite beaches for your UK travel! -

First up is a personal favourite – Holkham Beach – Norfolk. This awe inspiring landscape has been the location of many a film set from Shakespeare in Love to Atonement. It’s a wild and vast stretch of coastline lined with woodland – a nature reserve that is the ultimate must for twitchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Number 2: Perranporth beach in Cornwall, who needs to look any further when the water’s this turquoise. An awesome beach for surfing enthusiasts, see you there!

Number 3: For the ultimate wild beach, travel far up north to the Isle of Harris - see photo above! - to discover remote white sand beaches. Take the sleeper train up to Inverness and enjoy your breakfast with spectacular views of the rolling hills and glens of Scotland.

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