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World Earth Day 50 years on..

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of World Earth Day and it could not come at a more poignant time. As Covid-19 brings our world to an abrupt halt we see the effects this is having on the planet. The skies are clearing of pollution, India reports being able to see the Himilayas through clear skies for the first time in 30 years. Wildlife returns to clear waters, 8 in10 flights globally are grounded reducing carbon emissions to record lows and crude oil becomes completely worthless. However this is not a cause for celebration as the positive results for our planet come at a huge cost to the lives of people and our economy. Scientists also predict that the decrease in emissions is still less th

Taking a foot off the gas..

As the pandemic deepens I worry that this could also be detrimental to the light that was finally beginning to focus on climate change. The attention shifts to the emergency that feels much closer to home, more real and immediate, effecting everyone in the here and now. Governments that were finally beginning to listen and acknowledge the emergency our environment faces are now fighting a more visible and more vocal fire. I worried that leaders of the world would take their foot of the gas in the fight against climate change but the results of this terrible pandemic have literally caused a nationwide foot to come off the gas. The world has slowed down and with it our impact on the planet. We





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