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Can the fashion industry truly be sustainable?

Sustainability is the buzz word of the moment. With fashion brands using it as a selling point in a thankfully more environmentally conscious consumer world but what does it really mean? I’ve struggled with this one for a while. Whilst advocating a ‘sustainable’ fashion brand, what does that truly mean? Whilst consumers are starting to make eco focused decisions from a desire to make a difference and help the environment there is still huge demand for cheap throw away fashion. The problem could lie in confusing information - For example we are told – ‘you should be buying organic cotton’ as it is grown without chemical pesticides or harmful fertilizers and uses less water – oh wait no you s

2020 Vision!

You may be in the camp of 'it shouldn’t take a new year to feel newly motivated' but this year I’m really feeling it. Maybe it’s because it’s a new decade but 2020 is putting the fire in my belly. I’m Tavie and I’m your founder of Mangata London. It’s been a long journey to get here, a rollercoaster of emotions with epic highs, manic lows and a lot of gritting of teeth! 2019 will always be in my memory as one of my best years personally, as it was the year I got married, but for Mangata it was a tough one. Our manufacturer closed down without any warning and this set us back by almost a year, costing more money and months and months of sampling to find the right new manufacturer. I took some





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